Dining with a difference - Stonegrill

Stonegrill dining is not just a meal; it’s a new and exciting experience.

Imagine your meal being presented to your table still cooking on a volcanic stone that has been super-heated to 400 degrees Celsius! The high temperature sears in all the natural juices and nutrients, giving you a taste and tenderness beyond anything you've ever experienced before.

This method of cooking food on stones dates back to ancient Egyptians and Vikings. Today the experience is called StoneGrill dining, and it's exclusive in the Waikato to the MV Waipa Delta.

Stone grill

Dining straight from your own Stonegrill enables you to enjoy a meal that is freshly grilled to your personal taste, whether it be rare, medium or well done. Your meal remains hot, ensuring your last bite is every bit as pleasurable as the first.

Stonegrill is recognised as one of the healthiest methods of cooking, as all produce is completely trimmed of fats and no added oils are used.

The result is a freshly grilled healthy meal, with a sensational taste unique to Stonegrill.

Depending on passenger numbers, your lunch or dinner cruise includes either the Waipa Delta Banquet or our StoneGrill menu. The Waipa Delta reserves the right to vary menu without notice.