Stonegrill Lunch Menu


Stonegrill dining is a new and exciting experience that allows your meal to be presented cooking on a heated stone at your table. High temperature sears in all the natural juices and nutrients, giving you a taste beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before.

For the perfect Stonegrill experience, simply turn over your selection when it arrives, then cut and side-lay a portion or two, allowing these to sear and cook to your liking.

Dining from the Stonegrill enables you to enjoy a meal freshly grilled to personal taste, whether it be rare, medium or well done. Your meal will remain hot and enjoyable, allowing you to dine at leisure.

Stonegrill is recognised as one of the healthiest methods of cooking, as all produce is completely trimmed of fats and no added oils are used. The result is a freshly grilled healthy meal, with a sensational taste unique to Stonegrill. 

Bread and dips will be served to your table before your meal.
Your wait staff will then take your orders.
All main dishes are served with seasoned wedges and garden fresh salad.
Desserts will then be served buffet style


Your choice of one of the below dishes:


Tender Breast of Chicken: Succulent chicken breast with the unique Stonegrill flavour served with baby corn and a mango and peach chutney.

Premium Rump: Tender rump with meadow mushrooms topped with smoked bbq marmalade.

Pork Medallions: Tender pork medallions served with traditional apple dipping sauce.

Satay Combination: Marinated kebabs of Beef, pork and chicken, with a peanut satay dipping sauce.


Fisherman’s basket: Crumbed fish fillet, mussels and oysters, served with curly fries and homemade tartare sauce. 

Vegetarian delight: Selection of fresh seasonal vegetables either on the stone or as a delightful pasta dish.

Hot pot of the day: Chunky succulent meat with a selection of wholesome vegetables toped with a pastry lid.


Crumbed onion rings $4; crumbed calamari rings $5
Scallops $6, Tiger prawns $6, Mussels in shells $5

The Waipa Delta reserves the right to vary the menu without notice